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Hi there! I'm Caeley, welcome to my website!  I'm a total space geek, avid Netlfix binger, and french fry lover.  My twitter tag line reads 'rocket scientist by day, editor in chief by night' because that's exactly the double life I'm currently living.

I graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with my B.S. in Aerospace Engineering in May of 2018 and have been working full-time as a Space Mission Analyst for L3Harris Technologies ever since. I mainly support small satellite programs by performing things like delta-V calculations and constellation design.

However, once the work day is over, I come home and work on Reinvented Magazine. As the Founder and CEO of this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, I work to empower young girls to pursue STEM fields through the creation of the nation's first ever print magazine written for girls in STEM by girls in STEM.

Outside of work and running a nonprofit, I'm continuing to advance my education by pursuing my M.S. in Space Systems Engineering part-time at Johns Hopkins University online.

On a much less professional level, I spend most of my free time running long distances most people call crazy, crafting, and going on long walks on the beach with my dogs, Charlie & Scout.


Space Mission Analyst.

Nonprofit Founder.

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